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”When you don’t seek or need approval, you are at your most powerful ” 💥

Photo: @petteri_kaakinen_photography

After I released my musicvideo ( link in bio ⬆️) and song “Wanna make love to you “, many people have sent me messages saying: “Stay strong! Don’t care what they talk about you on conversation threads etc.”

Well...I’ve got some news for you. The problem is.. - I truly don’t care. 🤷‍♀️ What other people think of me is none of my business. 😉

I want to inspire and encourage you to not care either. Obviously you can’t shift your thinking overnight; I’ve been working on my self-esteem and thinking process for years. And I want to help you achieve this blissful state of mind.✨
You’re gonna feel so free and empowered. 🥰💥
It helps you live your true authentic life.
And it all comes down to self-love. Because not caring what others think is the greatest form of self-love ❤️


▪️ “What are their intentions? Does this person matter?” We care too much about people who don’t do anything for us.
▪️ What are your intentions? Why are you doing this? If your intentions are good and your heart is pure, continue doing it. ☺️
▪️Those who can do, do.
Those who can’t do, watch those who can do.
It takes more to do something than to criticize ; anybody can judge someone, but can you create? It’s better to create something that others criticize than to create nothing and criticize others. Have you seen any statues of critics somewhere? 🗽🤔
▪️Those who talk about you, talk because you’re worth talking about. It’s because you’re doing something big. 😉

▪️Many people will judge , cos hurt people hurt people.
It’s not personal. It only reflects their own life and what they go through.They’re unhappy with their own life. But it’s not your problem , so continue to live your truth and be proud of what you do.🤗

🔸 Life is too short to go to bed worrying what strangers think of you. You cannot please everyone. 🤷‍♀️
You’re not here to make everyone like you, you’re here to live in your truth. 🙌🏻
Give yourself permission to be yourself. 🥰
Love yourself, accept yourself. Stand in your power! 💥💖💪🏻

”Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” -Helen Keller

Photo: @lauremilypm

My music video for my latest release “Wanna make love to you” caused a lot of commotion in Finland. 🎬🎶
You can watch it now via Vimeo
( link in bio ⬆️)

The video was shared by @iltasanomat and @iltalehti ( Thank you 🙏💗)  and I knew it would raise a lot of eyebrows.

Showing sexuality and presenting “a perfect relationship” triggered many people.

Personally, I had an epiphany some years ago when I attended a beautiful wedding. There was true love and emotion in the air. And I felt sad cos I didn’t have it for myself.
I decided that I’m not gonna settle for a mediocre relationship. I want it all. ❤️

There’s always a message  when I release a song ( I’m a teacher after all..👩🏼‍🏫😉)

I wanted to show in the video what a loving, passionate relationship looks like.
Don’t ever settle for less than you deserve. 💝

I also hope to inspire people to not be afraid of putting themselves out there. It doesn’t matter if thousands of people dislike what you do, as long as you like it yourself. 🥰

You’re not here to please others, you’re here to be authentic and real -and live your life of purpose and passion. 💖

So many people are hesitant to follow their dreams, cos they’re afraid of getting mocked by people and look like a failure.

I want to be a an example to people.
As you can notice: I truly don’t care. 😉🤷‍♀️ Just look at me doing my thing 😀💃🎶

I do music+ music videos  for me . I gave myself a wonderful gift from Spain. 
Instead of buying a fancy design bag, I figured that making a music video would give me more joy. And I was right 😎☀️🎬

It’s an awesome memory from Spain and it was a wonderful collaborative experience.
I connected with like-minded people in a brand new country where I’m gonna be living soon, and I’m so proud of myself for making it happen. ✨
I’m so grateful to everyone who participated in this project. 🙏💕

Be brave, bold and authentic.  Collect experiences, not things. Do more,  care less. Life your life, take chances and be crazy 😉🙌🏻

”Wanna make love to you”-musicvideo  might the boldest and most erotic musicvideo ever made by a Finnish artist.🤔🎥🎶💞
No wonder people in Finland are shocked 🙈🤭

Showing my body is much easier for me than sharing my songs that I’ve written. My songs are part of my soul and they represent my personality; my energy, my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve composed this song, written the lyrics and planned all the ad libs; even every little sigh. To me this is much more intimate than showing my butt. 🍑

Playboy and onlyfans surely helped me to be more comfortable in front of the camera -especially in the bold scenes like this, and I believe that everything happens for a reason, so maybe I was meant to gain some experience for the video that way 🤔🐰

To me, this music video represents a perfect relationship that I wish to have for myself one day, and I hope to manifest it by putting this energy out to the universe;  love, passion, connection and commitment.  💗✨

Thank you director @davidalcaidephotography
And videographer @iamchristianconcha for working so hard for this video. 🎬
Absolute love it and I’m really proud of it 🥰

My new single “ Wanna make love to you” is out today. 💗
You can listen to it on Spotify and other streaming  platforms. ( link in the bio 🎶⬆️)

The musicvideo is also available on YouTube 🎬🎥

Cover art by @petteri_kaakinen_photography

I wrote this song when I was dreaming about experiencing  a deep connection with someone.
I realized that lovemaking and sex are two different things.

Love making is an art created by two people with deep feelings for one another. It’s giving behavior with commitment and care. 💞

Billions of people have had sex. But how many have actually made love? 🤔

I hope you’ll enjoy my new R&B single. 🎶💗
Thank you @seficarmel from @soundtrackcreation for producing this song. It was such a wonderful experience to record this song in London. 🇬🇧

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible “ - Tina Lifford ✨

Photo: @petteri_kaakinen_photography

When I released my first single, Shower, and my Shower lyrics-video was presented on @iltasanomat, it didn’t even cross my mind that so many people would attack me.
I guess many people thought that my lyrics video was my actual music video and they didn’t hesitate to tell me that it sucked.

For a moment, I felt like the whole Finland turned it’s back on me. I spent several days erasing hate comments on YouTube. I couldn’t even sleep. My phone was beeping all the time.

People mocked me on conversation platforms and Finnish musicians posted mean threads about me on Facebook groups.

People made it clear that it was wrong to use my body.
You can’t be a good artist cos you have big boobs and you’re using them to get attention.

If I would’ve had a bad self esteem and self knowledge, that would’ve destroyed me.
But I knew myself. I had already worked on myself diligently for years and gotten through so many difficult situations in life, that I felt like this was my ultimate test from the universe. Are you sure this is what you want? Are you ready for this? And I was.

I’ve been studying music for all my life and I knew I was good at it. People’s comments didn’t bring me down.

And soon my song reached no 1 spot on Spotify’s viral 50 chart in Finland and it was playlisted in over 40 countries, charting for 15 weeks.

Why do I share this? Because it’s so important to know who you are. When there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can’t hurt you. 🙌🏻

As a teacher, I would love to see self development as a school subject, because it would definitely decrease bullying and depression. The biggest lesson in this life is to learn to accept and love yourself unconditionally. I hope to inspire others to do that too ❤️✨

Happy self love day 💖🥰

Photo @davidalcaidephotography

I want to encourage everyone to spend time with yourself. Get to know who you are; know your strengths, weaknesses, your true character, so that you can create a strong identity for yourself.

Once you know who you are and you’ve learned to embrace all sides of you, you no longer seek outside validation or compete with others, because you realize that you have no competition. You’re in a league of your own.🙌🏻

What other people say or think of you won’t determine your actions or choices in life anymore. You become independent, strong and free. You start to express yourself freely and you’ll find people who resonate with your vibe. ✨

I’d rather have people hate me for who I am than have people to love me for who I’m not.

Be authentic and real. Be unapologetically you. Original is always worth more than a copy. There’s no one like you in this world.
Your uniqueness is your superpower 💥

Love yourself, because in the end, the only love you can count on is the love you give to yourself. Become your own Valentine 🥰💖

”When you turn your back to negativity, you turn your face to brighter future” ✨

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Playboy magazine. 🐰Here is one of the pics that ended up being published in the last printed edition of the Portugal Playboy. Thank you @petteri_kaakinen_photography for taking these beautiful, artistic pictures of me. 📸 I will definitely frame this pic one day. 🖼 😉

When you put your art out there, share your voice,  try new things and try to do something big, people are gonna judge it. Anytime you’re onto something, there’re gonna be people who doubt you, who will write hateful comments about you, but it’s a minority that do this. Most people are kindhearted people who want to see you win.  💖

Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to deal with negativity, and I wanted to share some insights. 💡

▪️Realize that you are not responsible for how other people behave/treat you. Stop feeling that whatever these people are doing is because of you. They were like that before you came in the scene.  It’s about their state of mind and their values. They are expressing what is true to them, not true to what you are doing. 🤔
▪️Don’t ever try to explain, make an excuse or engage with haters. Delete & bock them, get them out of your community. 👋🏻
▪️Whatever you focus on, grows. Every time you focus on a negative person,  you’re actually giving them your energy. Start focusing on people who actually matters: people who root for you and who’ve always been there for you.👯‍♀️
▪️Whoever angers you, controls you. Nobody can effect your mood without your permission. Take your power back 💥
▪️Role model positivity. Live fully, love fully, Honor the struggles of life, be authentically and unapologetically you. Don’t let a hater ever slow you down. Believe in your message; you have a voice, you have great art and contribution to give to this wolrld. 🥰

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