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”When you turn your back to negativity, you turn your face to brighter future” ✨

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Playboy magazine. 🐰Here is one of the pics that ended up being published in the last printed edition of the Portugal Playboy. Thank you @petteri_kaakinen_photography for taking these beautiful, artistic pictures of me. 📸 I will definitely frame this pic one day. 🖼 😉

When you put your art out there, share your voice,  try new things and try to do something big, people are gonna judge it. Anytime you’re onto something, there’re gonna be people who doubt you, who will write hateful comments about you, but it’s a minority that do this. Most people are kindhearted people who want to see you win.  💖

Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to deal with negativity, and I wanted to share some insights. 💡

▪️Realize that you are not responsible for how other people behave/treat you. Stop feeling that whatever these people are doing is because of you. They were like that before you came in the scene.  It’s about their state of mind and their values. They are expressing what is true to them, not true to what you are doing. 🤔
▪️Don’t ever try to explain, make an excuse or engage with haters. Delete & bock them, get them out of your community. 👋🏻
▪️Whatever you focus on, grows. Every time you focus on a negative person,  you’re actually giving them your energy. Start focusing on people who actually matters: people who root for you and who’ve always been there for you.👯‍♀️
▪️Whoever angers you, controls you. Nobody can effect your mood without your permission. Take your power back 💥
▪️Role model positivity. Live fully, love fully, Honor the struggles of life, be authentically and unapologetically you. Don’t let a hater ever slow you down. Believe in your message; you have a voice, you have great art and contribution to give to this wolrld. 🥰

”Not caring what other people think is the greatest form of self love”
 📸 @petteri_kaakinen_photography
I often get asked if I face a lot of jealousy and  judgement? 🤔
I’m sure I set tongues wagging after posing topless in the Playboy magazine and having my onlyfans account, especially ’cos I’m a mother of 3 and a classroom teacher. 🙀

Everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing. But those opinions become meaningless when you give yourself your own life meaning. I’m comfortable with the choices I’ve made and I know where I’m going.
I’m not placing my happiness, joy and peace of mind in someone elses hands. 🥰🧘‍♀️

Here are some tips that might help you to CARE LESS:

▪️Realize that when someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities,  limitations and needs. Jealousy is a sign of weakness.🤦🏼‍♀️
▪️People judge others in order to feel better about themselves because they’re lacking self-acceptance and self-love. That’s why self love is so important. If we learn to embrace ourselves as we truly are, we no longer need a reason to put someone else down to raise ourselves up.🤼‍♀️🧗▪️Make a choice to not give your attention to negative people. Focus on people who support you, love you, who accept you 100% and want to see you win. 🥇
▪️Lose control. You can’t control what other people think of you. We only control how we see ourselves. Start investing in your perception of yourself. 🥰
▪️If someone is thinking of you, take it as a compliment. We think about people who mean something to us. Be honored. You must be really special. ✨🤔
▪️Allow yourself to make mistakes. You grow as you go. It’s not the end of the world if you fail, make a fool out of yourself or make a wrong choice. Lose your reputation and start living to the fullest. The real fools are the ones who don’t even have the guts to try and who don’t dare to get out of their comfort zone, which is the greatest prison. It’s worse to be dead while you’re alive. 🎚
▪️ Accept and love yourself, appreciate yourself to stop being jealous and learn to appreciate other people’s unique differences ✨

“When life gives you the opportunity to check off a thing on a bucket list, you have to check them.” ☑️
-Ryan Tedder

📸 @petteri_kaakinen_photography

I would never have imagined that I’d be posing in Playboy-magazine one day. 🐰🤭
When I received an email from the editor, I was extremely flattered, but as a mother of 3, I didn’t want to reveal too much. 🙈

Then I was told that I’m in charge of the pictures and this would be the last print issue, so it became a no-brainer for me 📸🐰

I felt that posing for the Playboy was such an empowering experience. My body has endured a lot after having three children and most of the time I’m at home in my comfortable clothes with no make up looking really ordinary. 👧

I don’t typically like being photographed or glammed up 💃 (that’s why I don’t post too often), but I knew that these pictures would be worth doing and they’d be a nice memory later in life. 👯‍♀️

I’m about 10 kg’s heavier than I was a few years ago,and I’m not fitting into a typical “skinny model” image.
I have a natural curvy body and I’m comfortable in my own skin now.
I love to eat and enjoy life 🍷🍕 -and I barely exercise. 😬 So when I learned that I have a Playboy-photoshoot coming up in 2 weeks, I was in a hurry to hit the gym and do some fasting 😅🍋

We are all beautiful in our own unique way. We should celebrate and love our bodies - no matter the size 🎉✨🥰

The collectors edition of the last Playboy magazine is available with my autograph @ (link in my bio. ⬆️ Shipping only to Finland).🇫🇮📬

If you live somewhere else, all the Playboy pics are on my onlyfans site. I’ll be posting more Playboy-related pics there as well. 😉🐰

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered the magazine or subscribed to my onlyfans profile.
Much appreciated. ❤️

“It was only until I started to be myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen.” 🎶 —Sam Smith
——————————————————————————-📸 @petteri_kaakinen_photography

I can relate to this quote so well. It took me so long to learn how to accept myself and love myself, but once I finally did, I was able to fully be myself and express myself. 💃

When I posed for the Playboy, I wasn’t afraid of the consequences or what other people might think of me. I know who I am and I only care about my own opinion of me. That’s true freedom 🤗

I’m an advocate for body positivity and self acceptance. 🥰 Loving yourself is not easy. We often compare ourselves on social media; other people seem to have lots of followers, a perfect relationship, more money, amazing body etc, and we feel down about ourselves.🥺

We often concentrate on the external things. But what happens when you lose those? That’s what happened to me. I lost my ideal family/marriage, our house & belongings due to toxic mold, my health, job etc..
I suffered from depression until I started to work on myself diligently. I still do every single day. 💪🏻

Understand that you are more than your body and all of these external things.
And you don’t need a blue checkmark to proof that you are verified. Be verified by you. ✅
Upgrade your mind and make your mind the most beautiful thing about you. 🥰

Strive towards being real and authentic. In the world where everyone tries to fit in, be yourself and do your thing. That’s what true acceptance is. 💃😉

Thank you @playboyportugalmagazine @petteri_kaakinen_photography @hotellivanajanlinna @lauramelanieh @mikawalkamo @petteriahomaa
for making this amazing experience possible for me.
I’ll be remembering this when I’m old and grey 🐰👵

Shower Janne Hyöty- remix is out now.
Link in the bio.🔝🎶🚿
Photo: @petteri_kaakinen_photography

A year ago I released my first single “Shower”. Needless to say that it was a life changing moment for me. All of a sudden I became a pop star and I was called “Finland’s Sabrina” by the Finnish media. ”Shower” was compared to her hit song “Boys” and I’ll be always known for this song in Finland 🇫🇮 🚿💃🎶

I’m proud to release a club remix of Shower mixed by an award winning Finnish producer Janne Hyöty. Janne has reached huge success in the Asian market having over 40 no 1 hit songs in Japan. I’m honored that he offered to do a remix and I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do.🥰

”Shower” represents so many things for me: new beginnings, empowerment, believing in yourself &loving yourself, body positivity, trusting the universe.. ✨

Seize the opportunity, don’t be afraid of change. You have all the power to create a new ending to your story. Just be brave enough to do it -even if there’s a chance to fail and end up making a total fool out of yourself ✨😉🙈
So what if you do, embarrass yourself once and you’re free forever 😝💃🚿

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen to my song 🎶🙏💖 And thank you for following my journey. There will be lots of new twists coming up soon.. 😉 At least my life is anything but boring 😅😇
And that’s the way I like it 😉👍🏻

Many of you wanted me to write about love, so I decided to answer to the most common question I get besides “Can I see you in the shower?” 😃 (In case you find this question weird, you have probably missed my first single, Shower 😝🚿🎶 Link to my summer song is on my bio)⬆️ The second common question I get is: “How can I win your heart? 💞 So here are my tips 😉
HOW TO WIN SOMEONE’S HEART ▪️Become a better listener. Don’t just talk about you. Make the other person feel that you care. Ask them questions nobody else has ever asked before.
▪️Be generous. Ask yourself what can I give to this person instead of what can I take? How can you enrich their life? ▪️Make them feel valued and respected. Give them space and time. Don’t be too possessive.
▪️Lose your ego around them and be vulnerable
▪️Have time for them. Make them a priority. Be there during their lowest moments. Don’t just come for the party. ▪️Make them feel appreciated. Give them lots of compliments. Don’t judge or bring up their past. Highlight what they are doing right in their life.
▪️ Work on yourself and be in alignment with your purpose. Show them the best representation of you. Make your mind the most beautiful thing about you.
▪️ Make an effort to stay in their life. Words don’t mean anything until you prove it.
▪️Be committed to them. Sometimes life is a storm, but be there to hold their hand. ⛈ 🌞

“There’s no greater wealth than a good mental health”🥰 A lot of people are worrying and experiencing anxiety due to the coronavirus outbreak. 🦠
It’s important to stay mentally strong.
We can’t control the outside world, so focus on what you can control: your attitude towards the present moment.. I experienced a spiritual awakening a few years ago. ✨
My life had turned upside down and I had to dive deep and ask the big questions : Who am I? What is my purpose? 🤔✨ A lot of people don’t know who they are, and many of us are afraid to be alone. But you don’t become strong in the crowd. You become strong when you accept yourself.🥰 Mentally strong people aren’t popular. They are popular to themselves. 🤩They don’t go looking for the approval of others. They’re only here to win their own approval.🙌🏻 HOW TO BECOME MENTALLY STRONG💪 ▪️Choose an environment that supports your mental health. Instead of connecting to Wi-fi, connect with nature. 🍃
▪️Allow yourself to feel. Be vulnerable and sensitive. Supression is depression. 😢
▪️Focus on gratitude. Even if your life isn’t how you want it to look right now, it doesn’t mean that it never will. Stop feeling like a victim and be a hero of your story. 🦸🏼‍♀️Life isn’t something happening to you. Life is responding to your thoughts, words and actions. Take back your power.👊🏻
▪️Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media. Media creates fear, and many times we start to compare ourselves to other people and we end up feeling discouraged and depressed. Be in a league of your own and stop competing. 🤼 ▪️Choose people who want to feel you and experience you, people who care what you’re saying. Many times we’re in relationship where the other person won’t even bother. 🙉
▪️Never let yourself to be influenced by other people’s emotions. If someone is angry, it’s not about you.
Nobody can make you feel a certain way without your permission. Don’t give them that power. 🧘‍♂️
🔸Be patient. It takes years to become mentally strong. Be kind to yourself. We’re all a work in progress. 📚🙋🏼‍♀️

“Back For Good” -New song out today 🎶
Video: @jarisokka 🎥

I often write songs to let out my feelings and thoughts.
It’s Valentine’s Day and some of us might experience heartbreak.
The first step to stop it is to allow yourself to feel pain and grief. A lot of us don’t want to feel these emotions, and people probably tell you to get over it, -but that’s not helping.😢 In order to get over a heartbreak, you have to go into a heartbreak.
Start singing a song about it. 🎶💔🎤
Don’t suppress your emotions, express them. Sit with these sad feelings and allow yourself to feel the pain. That’s how you can help yourself to cope and bounce back.
Also realize that you can’t force situations. Allow that person to choose what they want. If it’s really written in the stars, they will always gravitate back towards you no matter how far they wander. 💫

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen to my song. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🎶💕 Link in bio 🎶⬆️

My second single “Back For Good” will be on the worldwide webs at midnight tonight. ⭐️🌍 The lyrics are about past hurt.
Many times we end up fighting for someone who isn’t even meant for us. We might feel a void without a partner, and feel desperate for someone’s love. But the only love you can always count on is the love you give to yourself. No one else can fill that void for you. You have to do the inner work and become a full cup. Then you can start filling other people’s cups too 😉🥛🍶 Then 1+1 makes 2 in a relationship. 💞Not half+half makes 1 💔

Photo by @jarisokka ———————————————————————————
How to get over past hurt ▪️Stop trying so hard for people who don’t care and who do so little for you. Whoever is meant for you, won’t reject you.
▪️You didn’t come here to beg a space in someone’s life or chase someone.🏃‍♀️ You are worthy. And true love is free.
▪️Don’t force things. Whatever falls apart, falls apart. Trust that the universe doesn’t make mistakes and everything happens in divine order.
▪️Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. Some people are just passing by. Maybe they were meant to teach you a lesson. Be willing to learn and grow from it. ▪️When you let go, you allow space for what is meant for you to find you. There’s someone who’d love to be with you, but they can’t if you’re still holding onto a wrong person.
▪️Choose people who choose you. Stop being available for people who are unavailable to you. It’s their loss if they can’t see how amazing you are 😉⭐️
▪️Instead of searching for the one, be the one. Find the one you’re looking for within yourself. Learn how to love yourself and focus on your life purpose. 🥰
Needing nothing brings you everything. ✨

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